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mark. monday!!

  • July 26, 2010
  • By Jackie
mark. monday!!
So in case you didn’t know I’m a mark. cosmetics rep. Mark. is a division of Avon and sells some of the greatest beauty & fashion products on the market!! Everyone always asks what products I use so I thought it would be a cute idea tell you about some of my favorite products one day a week!! So hopefully this is the first of many mark. mondays!
I’m pretty much obsessed with every product I’ve ever purchased from mark. I have never once been disappointed with something I’ve ordered from them & everyone of my customers has nothing but good things to say about their orders!! You seriously can’t go wrong…great prices & great quality!
Right now I am raving about mark. Please Hold Eye Primer!
It is a creamy, oil free products that has multiple uses!! Its a under-eye concealer & a lid primer that prevents creasing & covers darks spots and puffiness!!
I couldn’t ask for a better product. I cover my entire eyelid from lash-line to eyebrow & under my eye with it whether I am putting eyeshadow on or not. If you are interested in this product click the picture & it will direct you to my eBoutique where it is available for purchase…

The second product I can’t stop talking about this week is part of mark.’s skincare line! Mark. Calm and Composed Super-Smoothing Moisturizer is a lightweight oil-free cream made of avocado, oat, shea butter & red algae that visibly reduces redness as it moisturizes!
Yesterday I fell asleep on a raft in the pool and got a nice sunburn on my forehead. I got home and covered my face in this moisturizer and woke up this morning with the redness drastically down & my skin feeling nice and hydrated not tight and uncomfortable like sunburned skin usually feels! The other amazing thing about this product is the container dispenses the perfect about of cream to cover your entire neck & face in one push!

Sign up at my eBoutique for special offers & the latest mark. news!! Leave a comment on this post for more information. Can’t wait for next monday!

By Jackie, July 26, 2010
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