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online “window” shopping

  • October 3, 2010
  • By Jackie
online “window” shopping
Spending this cold rainy Fall Monday afternoon online “window” shopping. I’m really trying not to spend any money, but a girl can still look right? I’m obsessed with Shop It To Me, if you aren’t a member it is AMAZING!! It is an online members only sample sale website. You sign up and check off all of your favorite brands, designers & stores and twice a week an email arrives in your inbox with every online sale that you would be interested in. My favorite part is that you enter your size in everything from bathing suits to shoes so that you only get items in your sale spot that come in YOUR size! There’s only one word to describe that…AMAZING! Its invite only so if you interested heres an invite: SHOP IT TO ME.
These are some of my favorites from this week’s “salemail”:

By Jackie, October 3, 2010
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