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Black Tied

  • February 17, 2011
  • By Jackie
Black Tied
So I’m going to a Black Tie Wedding on Saturday & I couldn’t be more excited!! I got this GORGEOUS plum colored Max & Cleo strapless gown from Bluefly that I can’t wait to wear, & more importantly I can’t wait to see what the lovely bride is wearing!!
I definitely want to do a loose bun of some sort when I get my hair done so I’ve been googling for pictures to bring to the salon with me. I just found the below photo of Dianne Agron from the “I am Number Four” premiere that I LOVE!!
What do you guys think? I definitely want loose curls in a messy but not too messy bun — a little height at the crown of my head — & a little but not too much hair down in the front. I love Weddings & getting dressed up!! Can’t wait to show you guys the finished product!

By Jackie, February 17, 2011
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