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Coral Fixation

  • February 9, 2011
  • By Jackie
Coral Fixation

 Currently obsessed with this mark. Rock Goddess Ring. Its like a silver mohawk on your finger. So cool & its only $14! Also just got this mark. Modern Art Necklace it’s available for purchase at the end of the month & I’m sure I’ll plenty of use out of it, I love statement necklaces. SHOP my eBoutique HERE.
And of course me being the jewelraholic (lmao ?) that I am I saw this DIY bracelet on Honestly…WTF & immediately had to make one myself…DIY post coming later this week!
 Yesterday was a weird weather day…the forecast was for snow, but when I woke up in the morning it was bright & sunny, snow was melting not falling. Got dressed & went outside and it was warm…now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t “warm warm” but it was “Winter warm”, 45 degrees, that’s like a heat wave consiering the weather we’ve been blessed with the past month.
I couldn’t help but get excited & wear this Coral Lipstick & Peachy Blush! So Spring & fun that it almost feels warmer out than it actually is.
 Speedway in Nude, Save the Day Acne Stick in Buff/Nude, Powder Buff in Buff, Please Hold Eye Primer in Light/Medium, Glowdacious in Prettied Up, What a Line Felt Tipped Liner in Wee Hours, iMark in Whisper, iMark in Gioia, Scandalash in Blacklash, Just Pinched in Peachy, LipClick in Coral Fixation
 New What A Line Felt Tipped Eyeliner out at the end of the month!!! Its amazing & so easy to apply. Definitely picking these up in a few colors!
Love how I still have the hole from my lip ring that I took out 4 years ago. I miss it. I was way cooler then. HA!

By Jackie, February 9, 2011
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