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The Dress.

  • April 29, 2011
  • By Jackie
The Dress.
Swore I wouldn’t do post on the Royal Wedding, but I’m completely obsessed with this picture. It is the perfect most amazing dress shot. I love how this photographer captured a moment between Kate & her sister before walking down the aisle to get married. I hope when I get married there is a photo as special as this. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! While I didn’t wake up at 4am to watch everything. I started watching at around 8 & caught the end & the most important part – THE KISS!!

Thought Kate looked beautiful! Everything the dress, the hair, the makeup…PERFECT. & I absolutely LOVE that her maid of honor wore white. So untraditional, yet so perfect. 

Love weddings! What did you think? Did you get up to watch it?

By Jackie, April 29, 2011
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