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Laced Up

  • April 6, 2011
  • By Jackie
Laced Up
I really wish painting your nails was like doing your makeup in the morning. I wish I could change my polish everyday…I mean I know I could change it every day, but I wish it was the norm to. 
This on the other hand isn’t polish, its Sally Hansen’s New Salon Effects Nail Strips. O M G they are amazing!! If you haven’t tried them yet – probably because they are sold out everywhere – you need to track yourself down a package & try them. I was pretty skeptical about trying them at first. I thought, no way are these things going to stay on my nails and not lose they’re stickiness, especially for 10 days like they claim to do!
Well Sally Hansen certainly proved me WRONG! Not only were these super easy to apply but they stayed on for 9 days (you know me I was dying to change it up after that!) My suggestion is to actually cut the strips in half if you have nails my length because you can easily get 2 sets out of 1!
I love this one called “Laced Up,” I’m so happy the CVS I happened to go in had these in stock & my aunt found “Kitty, Kitty” (leopard), I’ve been looking everywhere for that design, I freaked when she found them! Still on the hunt for “Wild Child” (zebra) & “Collide-o-scope.” I really hope they come out with more designs, I hoping for polka dots and maybe silver & gold like Minx have!
Have you tried these yet??
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By Jackie, April 6, 2011
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