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Sixteen Candles

  • April 18, 2011
  • By Jackie
Sixteen Candles
As I wrote the title to this post I was singing the song “Sixteen Candles” now as I sit here at work and revise it  I have the song stuck in my head. Not good when you have a song stuck in your head and only know 2 words to it.
So I had a little fun last weekend and did the makeup for my cousin’s best friend for her Sweet 16!! I remember my Sweet 16…it was many moons ago…and my makeup looked no where near this good! ::Mentally giving myself a pat on the back:: LOL Both of them look AMAZINGGGG!!!! 
I knew I wanted to do a smoky look for both of them because they are black eyeliner-aholics!! The Sweet 16 was at a NIGHTCLUB (super cool…mine was at a golf course!) so I definitely could get away with doing a little darker eye with lashes. But ultimately I wanted the girls to look awesome & fun while still looking 16! Marissa was wearing leopard so I wanted to do mostly brown & black on her eyes & G was wearing black so I pretty much had full reign on whatever crazy color I wanted to put on her!! 
I’m going to do my cousin’s makeup when she goes to prom in May, super excited!! Already have the look I’m going for in mind, she has no say in the matter lol! 
Get the Look: BIRTHDAY GIRL Marisa!!
Please Hold Eye Primer in Light/Medium, iMarks in Biscotti, Latte, Gioia, Tiki & Corset, What a Line in Wee Hours, No Place to Run in Jetset, Scandalash in Blacklash

Get the Look: Gianna
Please Hold Eye Primer in Light/Medium, iMarks in Biscotti, Latte, Lovestruck, Plum Velvet Piccadilly & Lotus, What a Line in Twilight, No Place to Run in Jet Set, Scandalash in Blacklash

And they were on their way….
I told them to make sure they take tons of pictures, especially of their makeup through out the night….and this is what I get! lmao LOVE IT!!! They looked amazinngggggg!!!! I want to be 16 again!!
You can pick up the makeup for both of their looks HERE–>

By Jackie, April 18, 2011
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