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mark. National Sales Meeting: The PRODUCTS!!

  • May 28, 2011
  • By Jackie
mark. National Sales Meeting: The PRODUCTS!!
Hope you all enjoyed my previous post on all the amazing people at mark.’s National Sales Meeting, but I know you’re probably all dying to know about all the STUFF at the meeting, all the new products…all the amazing products we got to go home with and everything that is coming in the future!!
Well here it is!!
First off HOW AMAZINGLY COOL is the mark. tote bag! This will be permanently attached to my arm – stocked with magalogs & samples pretty much forever!!! My fav part is the “I’m Hooked Up” printed on the inside!! SO CUTEEEE!!!
& you know they didn’t give us these bag without anything in them!!! It was FILLED with products & samples – even some stuff that hasn’t come out yet!!!!!
Ibiza Sol Fragrance, Mini Nail Polishes, After Sun Balm & Eye Sticks!
Fair Trade Change is Gonna Come Foaming Body Exfoliator (my absolute favorite mark. Body product!!!!)
Help Wanted Anti-Acne Exfoliating Cleanser & Get Treatment Anti-Acne Overnight Fix (BOTH BRAND NEW!)
LipClick Sheer Lipstick SPF 15 in Nudie
TONS of Min-A-Real Cream to Powder Mineral Foundation Samples!
mark.’s Color Cluster Ring!!! (SO HOTT!!)
Plus this products that haven’t hit the magalog yet:
New mascara!!!!! OMG this is going to make you FLIP. It has tiny synthetic bristles so you get every single hair! I can’t hardly wait until this comes out!
Eye Cream with SPF 15 – I’ve been dying for mark. to come out with an eye cream. Its also my #1 request from customers. Well this one is worth the wait & coming out in time for Summer!
Beaded Bracelet – I mean do I even have to comment its awesome!
Drop Long Earrings – I wore these to the Recognition Dinner! They are super hot!!
Pick up these products NOW @
Now for the beauty & fashion products to come!!!
OMG over-the-knee boots! leopard purses! clustered necklaces! tights! & so much more

OMG that knuckle ring I want it RIGHT NOW! Plus new highly pigmented eyeshadows in brand new colors! More nail polish shades & new Sleek Snap to It cases!!
Heres the mascara!!! Check out that wand!! AHHHH
The bracelet!!! Plus new concealer, Shimmer Tinted Moisturizer & Gradual Self TANNER!!!!!
All new Lipclicks!!! (available NOW)

Plus the last amazing gift we were given…mark.’s new m.Powerment necklace! I’m not sure when this will be available but it is SO HOT! I can’t stop wearing it. Its actually 2 necklaces (one short & one long) so you can wear them separate or together for that super trendy layering look! 
Let me tell you this necklace is going to be such a big seller!!!
Its so amazing PLUS all the proceeds go to mark.’s m.Powerment Cause which fights helps fight the cycle of domestic violence & dating abuse!
Learn more about m.Powerment HERE
& I’ll leave you with Ana’s AMAZING video recapping all of the events that went on during our time in NYC!!! Make sure to check out the awesome video Ashley Greene left for us!! She’s amazing!!!

By Jackie, May 28, 2011
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