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Obsession: Braids

  • June 3, 2011
  • By Jackie
Obsession: Braids
My go to summer hair do is definitely braids!! I’m pretty sure for 60 out of the 90 days last Summer my hair was in some way, shape or form braided! Like I said HERE I have incredibly curly hair & while I love it, its just plain ole hard to manage in the heat & humidity NY gets. I turn straight hippie in the summer months – its all about curly, natural hair and braids ((unless I get a keratin treatment again lol!! then its all about wavy, non frizzy hair and braids))!!
I’ve been so obsessed with all the braided styles on Tumblr that of course I kept a NEED TO DO folder on my desktop ((no not an “Inspiration” folder…an “I NEED TO COPY THIS IMMEDIATELY” folder))
Also currently obsessed with feather extensions!!!! Who has them? I’m DYING for them!! I want clip it ones though…who knows where I can get them immediately…LIFE OR DEATH situation…ok not that serious but I really want them!
Here are some of my favs that will definitely be recreating in my posts in these next few months:

Some Fun braids I’ve done on my sister & cousins
~ Now I need to just get them to learn how to braid so they can do MY hair!!! ~

By Jackie, June 3, 2011
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