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Just Say YES!!! & become a mark. Rep!

  • August 17, 2011
  • By Jackie
Just Say YES!!! & become a mark. Rep!
Ever wonder why I’m ALWAYS blogging about mark.girl Fashion & Beauty??
Well because I’m a mark. REP! Being part of this amazing company has opened so many doors for me. 
Do you love Fashion & Beauty?? I’m going to guess you’re saying YES right now…I mean why would you be reading my blog if you didn’t! Well I want to personally invite you to become a mark. rep TODAY!
Why buy mark. products through me (or expensive products from places like Sephora)…when for $20 you can sign up to be a rep and start YOUR OWN BUSINESS!
$20 is all it takes. NO OBLIGATIONS NO DEADLINES. 
Your rules! YOUR BUSINESS!
One of the amazing opportunities I received because I am a mark. rep was appearing in mark.’s BRAND NEW NATIONAL AD CAMPAIGN!!! Along with 5 other reps we were all flown to NYC to shoot this amazing commercial!
So did I convince you??
Let me tell you a little bit more…
Thats the WORLD people!!!! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!!
mark. is the #4 TREND SETTING BEAUTY COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!! (Only behind Mac, Bobby Brown & Benefit) That means that when you walk into Sephora the ONLY Companies that mark. doesn’t beat are those 3!!!! Why shop anywhere else but with mark.??
Your $20 will get you ALL of THIS (over $100 worth of products) & you NEVER have to pay ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!!
Livingaftermidnite - Become a mark. Rep
1. Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer (Buff/Natural)
2. 2 iMark Eyeshadows (Biscotti & Tiki)
3. 1 Good Glowing Blush (Sun Love)
4. 2 Mini Cases to hold above products
5. 1 Complete Hook Up 
a. Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss (Pink Crush)
b. Scandalash Mascara (Black Lash)
c. Hook Up Connector
6. Mini Brush Set
7. Super Cosmetic Bag
8. Super Flip Compact! ($20 value ~ 9 Eyeshadows + 9 Lip colors; never ending possibilites!)
10 Magalogs & 1 Trend Insider (Rep Only Preview Mag)
Getting Started Booklet!
livingaftermidnite - become a mark. rep
Enjoy a 30-55% LIFETIME discount!
*No Quotas
*No Fees
*No Orders Due
*No Obligation EVER
*Never pay for being a rep EVER! The initial sign up is $20 to get $100 in product! THATS IT FOREVER!
*Free online boutique
*Free support & help
*FREEDOM to sell, buy how & when YOU choose!
Even if you walk away after receiving your starter kit or only become a rep for the discount!! You will never be expected of anything!!

Sign up TODAY & make sure to enter code: 9687367 as your referral code to land you on my team!! The #1 TOP SELLING TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!!!!
MUST USE CODE 9687367!!!! & you’ll even get an EXTRA Special Welcome Gift if you make a $30 purchase within 7 days of signing up!!! (believe me its worth it!!)
Email me
I’m here to Help!!!!

Whats the Catch?? There Isn’t One – 
No Fees, No Dues, No Hidden Costs EVER
US residents only…sorry!

By Jackie, August 17, 2011
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