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My “Hope SANTA Sees This” Holiday Wishlist

  • December 14, 2011
  • By Jackie
My “Hope SANTA Sees This” Holiday Wishlist
While it was fun collecting all of my dream items for my “A Girl Can Dream” Wishlist I think creating this list was actually more fun because hopefully in just over 10 days I’ll be opening a box with all some of these items ((hope my mom SANTA is reading this!!!))

I’ve been saving items I love to Polyvore for months, but when I sat down to actually make this list there were some clear trends in the items I was lusting after! Bow Tie Blouses, Polka Dots, Sequins, Camel Outerwear, Mesh & Lace, Rose Gold Jewelry & pretty much EVERYTHING on BaubleBar!

Have you noticed common themes in the items you’re asking for this year??
Tell me what’s on your wishlist! I’m dying to know!!
Hope Santa Sees this Holiday Wishlist

Hope Santa Sees this Holiday Wishlist
Bow Tie Blouses
1. ASOS Blouse with Side Tie Pussy Bow $54
2 & 3. Tinley Road Bow Tie Blouse in Pink & Polka Dot $54 each

4. Hive & Honey Shearling Waterfall Jacket $77.50
5. Theme Waist Coat Jacket $109

6. ASOS Pencil Skirt in Sequins $54.54
7. Theme Sequin Sweater $69

Polka Dots
8. ASOS Spot & Sheer Tights $14.54
9. Vera Moda Sweater 2 in 1 Dress in Polka Dot $81.81
10. J.Crew Polka Dot Popover $88

Mesh Insets
11. ASOS Full Skirt in Velvet & Mesh Stripe $81.81
12. Tinley Road Chiffon Lace Top $39

Rose Gold Jewelry
13. Fossil Rose Glitz Statement Bracelet $68
14. Fossil Rose Glitz Statement Necklace $95
15. Fossil Clear Vintage Strand Necklace $58

Bauble Bar Jewels
16. Gem Link Necklace $46
17. Turquoise Multi Pop Bracelet $28
18. Glam Rock Trio $82
19. Janus Chain Links $52
20. Ice Glam Necklace $38

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By Jackie, December 14, 2011
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