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Hostess with the Mostess?

  • April 6, 2012
  • By Jackie
Hostess with the Mostess?
Do you love fashion & beauty?
Do your friend’s always ask you for advice when they shop?
Do you love being in the know about the hottest trends?
Do you want to earn $200 worth of mark. products for FREE??


Host an free ONLINE party with me & mark.!!! The more your party totals the more FREE fashion & beauty YOU get!

You can earn up to $200 worth of FREE product of your choice + this GORG Stellar Style Bracelet when your friends, family, blog readers, twitter followers & coworkers SHOP! Once we get your party started anyone that shops through your exclusive party link brings you closer to your goal!! The more people that shop the more you earn…its THAT simple! Blast email all your contacts, create a Facebook event, write a blog post…anything you want to advertise your party & watch the orders come in!

Think about all the trendy fashion & high end beauty you can treat yourself to with a $200 mark. credit!

So are you ready to host your mark. Online Beauty Bash?? Email me (( or comment here with your email address!!
You post…they shop…you get rewarded!!!
It literally can’t be ANY easier! Your customers use your special checkout code & you reap all the benefits!

At some point in the month THEY are going to buy makeup, beauty products, clothes, skincare…
WHY NOT buy it with mark.??? 

At some point in the month YOU are going to buy makeup, beauty products, clothes, skincare…
WHY NOT get it FOR FREE from mark.???

Lets get YOUR party started!!!
Email me NOW –>

Do a little bit of “window” shopping while you’re waiting –> <– While you’re browsing don’t forget to make a Wishlist so you know exactly what you’re going to get with your discount code at the close of your party!
(Only for US residents right now)

By Jackie, April 6, 2012
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