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  • June 25, 2012
  • By Jackie
I’m still sorting through all my vacation pics from last week but here’s the iPhone quick version of our trip…
1. Got my wings on ready to fly! Of course rocking mark.’s Winging It Bracelets for the flight! / 2. (Im)patiently waiting to board in the airport / 3. & 4. Headed straight to dinner ((& drinks)) on the beach after we landed
These 4 photos basically sum up how we spent every single day… 
5. Beach / 6. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy / 7. Sonic Happy Hour Drinks / 8. Pool
9. Surf & Turf / 10. Lobster Queen! / 11. Sunning / 12. Shading
13. Sunsets on the Harbor / 14. Of course bringing mark. with us everyone! @vbaldini wearing mark.’s Line Up Necklace to dinner / 15. $6 Coronitas…sign us up! / 16. Slowest drinker ever! Forcing Nurse Christine to finish her drink. WHAT?…we’re on vacation!
17. Last Day…Same Position…Third Bathing Suit / 18. No trip is complete without a Pina Colada! / 19.  Leaving raining Florida only to find out NY was 100 degrees / 20. Couldn’t quite get out of vacation mode….no problem we’ll just drink 3 pitchers of sangria to forget the fact that it was over!
All photos via Instagram ~ Some stolen from @vbaldini ((thanks Tori!))
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By Jackie, June 25, 2012
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