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Insta-FNO 2012

  • September 11, 2012
  • By Jackie
Insta-FNO 2012
I am becoming progressively worse and worse at remembering to take my camera when I go out. I used to be the friend that ALWAYS had her camera and everyone could count on for taking an obscene amount of photos to document nights that were probably better off not being documented! I don’t know where along the line I became the girl that FORGETS HER CAMERA!!!!

All I’m saying is THANK GOD FOR IPHONES!! Check out my Instagram Photo Diary of last week’s Fashion’s Night Out!! Seriously had SO much fun, it just keeps getting better year after year! What’s not to love…champagne & shopping?? Sounds like the perfect combo to me! This year I headed to Soho first then headed uptown to Meatpacking & finished with dinner & drinks at The Standard ((where Donna Karan ate next to us…almost had a legit heart attack…don’t think anything will ever top that!))

How did you spend FNO??

FNOFNOFNO#FNO #GNO @tiffanygiardina#FNO aftermath

Thanks Tiffany & Ashley for letting me steal some of these photos!
Check out my FNO Outfit!

By Jackie, September 11, 2012
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