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Room for Style: Monochromatic

  • January 24, 2013
  • By Jackie
Room for Style: Monochromatic
Monochromatic Decorating | #LivingAfterMidnite
Monochromatic Decorating
What is monochrome? It’s many hues of a single color. Instead of contrasting two different colors, monochrome relies on the differences between tints and shades of one color- for instance, all reds or all blues. Considering that most rooms integrate lots of different colors, using a monochrome design scheme looks very original! One of the reasons that monochrome is not used often is that ‘all one color’ can sometimes look bland or boring. However, there are several ways to give a monochrome design scheme to give it real impact, such as using different temperatures of color or adjusting the scheme so that it is not strictly monochrome. This guide explains how to use a monochrome color scheme in your home to create dazzling results.

Part of the beauty of a monochrome color scheme is that it can look very soothing and tranquil because there is not the tension of contrasting colors. Play up the ‘serene’ aspects of monochrome by choosing colors which are naturally peaceful such as blue or lavender. Many different shades of blue in a room can give it a lovely, calm feeling – perfect for a bathroom.

Furthermore, monochrome color schemes are often very effective in a small space. A very large room, such as a living room can be overwhelming if you use all one color. However, in small doses, monochrome can be surprising and delightful. It is another reason that monochrome goes well in a small bathroom.

You can also use elements of monochrome color schemes in a room without going fully monochrome. For instance, you can tie together the accessories in a room by using a single color in many different shades or you could decorate a living room with off-white walls and use many different hues of green in cushions, sofas and lampshades. This will help to unify the whole 

Decorating with a monochrome color scheme is enjoyable and yields surprising results. A final tip – the color cards supplied by paint supply stores, like Wallauer’s Design Center, are helpful in helping you to see lots of different hues of the same color side by side. Pick up some paint color cards for inspiration.

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Monochromatic Decorating | #LivingAfterMidnite
Monochromatic Decorating | #LivingAfterMidnite

Monochromatic Fashion

The one common misconception about dressing in a monochromatic scheme is that its boring & quite frankly IT IS if its done the wrong way. I’m sure we’ve all worn a head to top black ensemble more times then we’d like to admit that look we think looks great at the time but is as plain as can be…& I’m sure if you’re reading my blog you’re not the type of girl (or guy) that likes to look “plain” on any occasion. 
The one tip I can offer when dressing in one color is to play with textures! These are 3 monochromatic looks that are anything but boring because we considered material, embellishments, tones & much more when putting them together.

Room for Style: Monochromatic
1. I’m sure everyone has been getting ready for a night out in a simple one color dress before right? And of course your immediate instinct will probably be to grab for a black clutch & some black pumps. We broke the cycle with this first look and paired this deep purple jersey dress with a chunky necklace a pair of cranberry pumps & a leather bag. We really paid attention to the different shades of one color here.
Ann Taylor Dress (similar), Chunky Beaded Necklace (similar), Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch, Jessica Simpson Cranberry Waleo Platforms

Room for Style: Monochromatic
#2 We tried to make the “all black outfit” less basic & more WOW. I really wanted to concentrate on the pretty silhouette a peplum top gives you and have that be the focal point of the outfit. The nude backing of the lace really made it pop & paired with slim leg pants & pointy toe pumps they really allowed for the top to be the focus.
LOFT Lace Peplum Top (similar), Charlotte Russe Bangles (similar), Juicy Couture Cocktail Ring (similar), Rhinestone Clutch (similar), Guess Patent Leather Merilyn Pumps via DSW (similar)
Room for Style: Monochromatic
#3 This look was ALL about texture! Fur, shine & lace were all incorporated into this look. By most standards you might not want to pair these three attention getters together, but when they’re all in the same color scheme its way easier of a look to pull off.
Forever 21 Faux Fur Jacket, Fossil Rose Gold Rhinestone Bracelet (similar), Stephen & Co Rhinestone Pyramid Bracelet via Nordstrom, BaubleBar Pave Skull Cuff (similar), Forever 21 Satin & Lace Skirt (similar) & Shoedazzle Arabella Bow Heels (similar)
Room for Style: Monochromatic
Also loving these monochromatic looks! (1, 2, 3, 4)

Make sure to follow our Room for Style Pinterest Board for all our favorite Monochromatic Looks ((both Decorating & Fashion))

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By Jackie, January 24, 2013
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