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IFB Conference 2013

  • February 12, 2013
  • By Jackie
IFB Conference 2013
Living After Midnite: IFB Conference
I can’t believe The IFB Conference is over already! It was 2 jam packed days of expert panels, much needed inspiration & meeting internet friends in real life!

I think the tone for the entire conference was this idea of staying authentic & being true to yourself. Its not rocket science, but honestly after blogging for a few years I can see where I have strayed from my true self and have been influenced a little too much by what other people in the blogosphere where doing.

After hearing it repeatedly from just about every successful blogger at IFBCON & the brands they are working with, I definitely know that refining my image as a blogger and defining my target audience is the #1 thing on my to-do list! I may have this clear sense of who I am and how I want to be portrayed in my head, but when trying to convey it on here something gets lost in translation.

The IFB Conference was exactly what I needed to get me inspired and motivated. While I don’t think I could include every little thing I learned during it, I wanted to share the quotes that struck me the most.

Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
A quick snap of what I wore on the 1st Day of IFB! I didn’t get a chance to take outfit pics but I’m loving this velvet dress & BaubleBar’s 2nd Anniversary Necklace so I definitely think I’ll be wearing it again in the near future!
Living After Midnite: IFB Conference
“Stay authentic – if it doesn’t make you crazy like teenage love, don’t do it” – Tina Craig (@BagSnob)
Living After Midnite: IFB Conference
When building a social media following, “Be Useful, Be Interesting or Be Clever” – Dina Fierro (@eye4style)
“Stay consistent, keep doing what you’re doing and adapt to changes” – Matt Edelman (@Glossi)
“What are your passion points & what are people responding to”
Social Media Etiquette:
1. Be Responsive
2. Build Real Relationships
3. Make sure you’re having a conversation
4. Remember you’re a spokesperson
Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
When pitching to a brand, “If you can’t live without these products tell them”
“Develop a Clean & Clear Sense of Self”
“Show a brand how they can relate to your blogging audience”
Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
“Trust Your Intuition” “Take a Leap”
“Get rid of the voices telling you you can’t. That’s how you really make things happen”
-LuLu Frost Founder, Lisa Salzer (@LuLu_Frost)
Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
“Never dumb down for your readers, have them rise to you” – Leandra Medine (@ManRepeller)
“Building a following is much different than gaining followers. Its all about engaging” on blogging longevity – Leandra Medine (@ManRepeller)
Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
“Scout your locations. Take into account what you’re wearing & your image when choosing a backdrop to shoot against” – Lydia Hudgens (@LydiaHudgens)
Living After Midnite: 2013 IFB Conference
Last but now least all the amazing gifts we got to take home with us! Makeup, DVDs, Planners, enough Hair Ties to last 20 years, plus much more including a super cute BaubleBar Surprise ((obviously I was ecstatic about this)) & this adorable MailChimp T-shirt which I attempted to DIY, but failed because of lack of creativity & the fact that I got hot glue all over the place!

Already thinking about the Fall IFB Conference! Definitely want to look into Lucky FABB also, so many of the bloggers I met were raving about it!!

For everyone who didn’t get to attend this year’s conference I hope this will offer up some valuable advice & much needed inspiration as it did for me!

Check back tomorrow to see what I wore to Day 2 & what quote from IFB triggered me to start thinking about the future of this blog…

By Jackie, February 12, 2013
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