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Round Up: March Beauty

  • March 28, 2013
  • By Jackie
Round Up: March Beauty
Living After Midnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Powder Blue
Living After Midnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Emerald City
Living After Midnite: Girls
St. Patrick's Nails
Living After Midnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Spring has Sprung
Living After Midnite: STLFW Nails
Living After Midnite: Easter Egg Nails
3.4 Powder Blue / 3.11 Emerald City / 3.12 GIRLS
3.15 St. Patrick’s Nails / 3.18 Spring Has Sprung / 3.22 #STLFW Nails / 3.27 Easter Egg Nails

1. I seriously love Holiday themed beauty! ((April is gunna suck…I don’t think April Fool’s Day is going to give me much in the inspiration department!))
2. Julep made me their #NOTD yesterday for my Easter Egg Ombre Mani and I’m still freaking out!
3. Can’t stop using the dotting tool from my Nail Art Brush Set from Born Pretty Store!! Makes polka dots so easy! ((like anything on the site…get 10% off with code: JACGF10))
4. Its obvious I’m loving Pastel everything when it comes to beauty this month!
5. Definitely planning some bright lips for April.

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By Jackie, March 28, 2013
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