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Round Up: April Fashion

  • April 30, 2013
  • By Jackie
Round Up: April Fashion
Living After Midnite: April Outfits
4.23 Luichiny / 4.24 London Times / 4.26 Belle Style

1. Sad to see the last of my STLFW posts go up! May have 1 or 2 left in store, but in the meantime you can check them all out here.
2. Pretty sure I need these orange jeans in pink too!
3. Lots of prints going on this month!
4. I really love my leopard shoes…
5. I just got back from Austin, TX & shot almost all of the outfits I wore there!! Can’t wait to edit & share them with you!
6. What a difference in weather since my March Round Up?? Summer is just around the corner!
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By Jackie, April 30, 2013
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