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Leafy Nails

  • August 14, 2014
  • By Jackie
Leafy Nails
Leafy Nail Strips | Beauty | #LivingAfterMidnite
Leafy Nail Strips | Beauty | #LivingAfterMidnite
It’s been a while (like over a year) since the last time I used nail strips and after trying these leafy printed ones INNI sent over I’m questioning why I ever stopped!! It’s not like a stopped for a reason, truth be told I probably just got carried away with new nail polish colors & Pinterest nail art!
I didn’t apply these as well as I’d like (there’s a couple of nails with noticeable wrinkles), but they seem to be lasting pretty well! Nothing is worst that putting on nail strips and within a day or so they start to peel up and get caught on everything! The application of these INNI ones was fast & easy & this design was too cute not to try (they kinda match the dress I wore yesterday!). My favorite part about INNI is that you can actually design your own nail wraps on their website! Animal prints, brand logos, even your own face, the possibilities are endless!!
What would you put on your custom made nail wraps?
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By Jackie, August 14, 2014
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