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Summer Travel Essentials

  • July 3, 2015
  • By Jackie
Summer Travel Essentials
Summer Travel Essentials
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During the Summer I look for any excuse to clock out of work early on a Friday and head out on a weekend getaway. Whether it’s a trip upstate, a weekend at the beach or a exploring a new city you can always count me in. When it comes to packing during the warm weather months I pretty much follow the same guidelines no matter where I’m going. For me summer fashion is all about easy non fussy items that look great when paired together. I’m the queen of overpacking, but with these few tips I’ve gotten much better at fitting everything I need in 1 bag!

As far as clothes I make it as simple as possible and opt for dresses instead of tops and bottoms (plus I despise shorts so dresses are way more practical for me). 2 short dresses & 1 maxi (in case it’s chilly) in a material that doesn’t wrinkle, a jean jacket (goes with everything), a bathing suit and a cover up
When it comes to shoes 3 pairs might seem like a lot, but they’re all essential. Flip flops for the beach/pool, nicer flat sandals (leave your wedges/heels at home unless you know you’re headed somewhere fancy), and sneakers for exploring, white canvas ones are my favorite because they look good with everything.
Onto accessories…one item I can’t leave home without in the summer is a hat! My scalp tends to get burned really easily so this is a must have for me, plus it’s perfect for to tame that crazy sea salt hair. And sunglasses are pretty much a given…I don’t think you needed me to tell you that! I don’t always bring jewelry with me on weekend trips so I didn’t include it as an essential, but when I do it’s a fun pair of statement earrings or a bold colorful bracelet.
I try to keep it light in the beauty department when I travel. Sunscreen is an essential…this one is great for both your face and your body so you don’t have to pack double. And as far as makeup I always opt for bronzer and blush to enhance my tan and mascara to open my eyes!
Now the bags to pack it all in! You might have noticed I’m featuring the same weekender bag from my Fall Travel Essential post because honestly it’s the best…I have it and it’s seriously perfect! Personally I like to bring 2 options for everyday bags…a colorful beach tote to carry any books/magazine/snacks for the trip and a cross body in a bright color to keep your hands free when you’re out!
Did I miss anything? What are your summer travel essentials?


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By Jackie, July 3, 2015
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