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Red Glitter Negative Space Manicure

  • June 14, 2017
  • By Jackie
Red Glitter Negative Space Manicure

Red Glitter Negative Space Manicure

I’m a huge fan of the negative space manicure (see here, here, here…) so today I thought it would be fun to combine elements from french, negative space and monochromatic manicures together to create a red glitter negative space manicure! Painting half your nails may seem like a weird idea but it’s pretty genius if you ask me! Not only do you end up with super cool nail art, but it takes half the time of a regular manicure and there’s NO REGROWTH! Genius…told you!

I initially though I was just going to go with one shade of red, but once I finished I noticed it this red glitter negative space manicure needed a little something extra so I went and added a stripe of darker red polish right along the tips of my nails.

Red Glitter Negative Space Manicure

Are you as much a fan of negative space nail art as I am?

Julep Nail Polish in Riley | Nail Art Polish in Silver & Red

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By Jackie, June 14, 2017
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