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The Beauty Products I Loved This Month

  • September 28, 2017
  • By Jackie
The Beauty Products I Loved This Month

The Beauty Products I Loved This Month September 2017

This month’s beauty essentials list is all about skincare again, but with the change in seasons it doesn’t surprise me that my focus was on taking care of my skin. When the weather and temperatures change, my skin can get a little crazy and I like to swap out the beauty products I use to cater to my skin. Check out the 8 beauty products I loved this month and scroll down to find out why and shop everything for yourself.

PMD Microderm Device Hourglass Vanish Foundation Derma E Face Oil Paul's Choice Shine Stopper

Starskin Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask $15 c/o – If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you know I tried out this sea kelp mask a couple weeks ago and it was weird as hell. It literally smelled like the ocean and definitely wasn’t my favorite when it was actually on, but it definitely made my skin feel great after! I only had one mask (and didn’t save the packaging to share) so instead I included The Master Cleanser Foam ($24) in my round up because I used it before the mask and every couple days after and I love how soft my skin feels after!

PMD Personal Microderm Device $159 c/o – I did a full post on this skincare device early this month and I’ve continued to use it once a week since. The large pores on my nose have continued to look great. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my wrinkles, but I’m definitely going to keep using it. I’ve also followed up each use with the Recovery Anti-Aging Collagen Infused Sheet Masks ($40 for a 5 pack) and it makes my skin feel amazing. Since my skin is really sensitive I think using these masks right after the microderm treatment makes a huge difference.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick $46 – I’ve actually had this foundation for a while, used it in the past and for some reason I stopped. Now that I’ve started again I’m not really sure why I stopped in the first place! This is definitely a thicker, more full coverage foundation, but it applies so smoothly and blends perfectly for a “seamless finish” exactly like the name suggests. A little goes a long way with this, I essentially draw a “T” on my face (across my forehead and down my nose) and a swipe along my chin, and blend it into my skin with the Vanish Foundation Brush. You don’t have to use this brush specifically (it is a little pricey), but I would definitely suggest an ultrasoft brush (this one would also work & only $6). For reference I’m wearing shade, Ivory, in this foundation!

Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish with Microsponge Technology $24 c/o – My skin has been really oily lately and mattifying powder just wasn’t cutting it, especially when I’m wearing my glasses and since I’ve been using this shine stopper primer under my foundation I’ve seen a huge difference. I still get a little oily after a long day (especially with the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing in NY), but not nearly as much as I was before.

Derma E Face Oil ELF Cosmetics Lip Primer Ulta Eye Primer

Derma E Rejuvenating Sage & Lavender Face Oil $16.50 c/o – Full disclosure I just got this in the mail a few days ago and I haven’t used it that much, but it smells so insanely amazing that I couldn’t wait another month before sharing it with you!

e.l.f. cosmetics Liquid Lip Primer $4 c/o – I have the worst luck with lipstick (even the long lasting ones). Lipstick commonly wears really fast on me and always always ends up on my teeth! When I saw this lip primer I figured I would give it a chance and I’m so glad I did. When I use this primer before applying lipstick, my lipstick lasts SO much longer than normal + NONE ends up on my teeth. I swear this has been a lifesaver, and I can’t believe I’m just discovering it now!

Paula’s Choice Resist BHA 9 $43 c/o – At the end of August I got a chance to stop by the Paula’s Choice offices and raid their beauty closet! I took home a ton of products and am slowly but surely trying them all! I’ve been using this treatment to spot treat the large pores on my nose and on any blemishes, especially the smalls bumps I get on my chin that never full form into pimples, and it works like magic.

Ulta Matte Eye Primer $12 c/o – My eyelids have a tendency to get oily, especially when I’m not wearing eyeshadow to mattify. But the problem is I don’t always wear eyeshadow especially when I’m keeping it minimal for work, so a tiny bit of this swiped across my lids solves the problem. It also works great for locking in my eyeshadow when I’m wearing a dark color!

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By Jackie, September 28, 2017
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