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October 2017 Round Up

  • October 31, 2017
  • By Jackie
October 2017 Round Up

October 2017 Beauty Makeup Living After Midnite Blog Jackie Giardina (clockwise from top left)
Do I Really Need Lip Liner? | So You Wanna Be Freddy Krueger for Halloween | It’s Halloween & I’ll Wear Black Lipstick If I Want To | Is Metallic Lipstick Really a Thing?

October 2017 Fashion Style Living After Midnite Blog Jackie Giardina (shop clockwise from top left)
White Sweater & Camo Jeans | Gold Tote Bag 
Polka Dot Dress | Sheer Embroidered Top

October 2017 Fashion Style Living After Midnite Blog Jackie Giardina (l to r)
When Did Amazon Start Selling the Best Clothes? | The Ultimate Warm Weather Fall Accessory: The Kimono | Going Sheer for Fall | 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me in Honor of My 30th Birthday

October 2017 Fashion Style Living After Midnite Blog Jackie Giardina (shop clockwise from top left)
Bomber Jacket & Metallic Skirt | Suede Jacket & Camo Jeans
Sheer Embroidered Top & Suede Jacket | White Sweater & Camo Jeans

October 2017 Beauty Makeup Nails Living After Midnite Blog Jackie Giardina(clockwise from top left)
3 Ways to Celebrate World Smile Day | Shop my camera & lens!
Step-by-Step Nightmare Before Christmas Manicure Tutorial | My Favorite Beauty Products from October 2017

How to Subtly Decorate Your Home For Fall5 Subtle Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Halloween Costume Inspiration Living After Midnite Blog Jackie Giardina10 Best Friend Halloween Costumes + 1 If You’re Going Solo | Makeup Monday: Morticia Addams Halloween Makeup


Another Halloween has come and gone and I’m so freaking proud of all the content I put out. Of course I wanted to do more (like another 1 or 2 festive manicures), but sometimes time gets away from you and you just don’t get a chance. While I didn’t do as many manicures as I wanted to, I was able to churn out a ton of makeup posts and Halloween costumes! They didn’t perform too well on Instagram (but honestly as of late none of my content is performing well over there), but they were a hit on Facebook & Pinterest!

So let’s talk Holidays…what do you guys want to see?? I’ll be replacing the Halloween tab on the top of my blog with a Holiday tab WITH a drop down menu featuring different sections for decor, makeup, nail art & fashion…but what do you guys specifically want to see more of this year? Let me know! I’m thinking of doing an Instagram stories poll to get a better idea of what you’re interested in so look out for that over the next few days!

What did you think of my step-by-step nail tutorial? Do you want to see more posts like that where I actually show you how to create the nail art? Would you rather see step-by-step photos or would a time lapse video on Instagram be better?

Sorry for all the questions in today’s October 2017 round up I’m just really trying to gauge what you guys want to see and what you’re liking! When you’re posting on so many different social channels it’s hard to know what’s not performing well because of an algorithm change and what’s not performing well because you just don’t like it!

October Favorites…

Currently Coveting…

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By Jackie, October 31, 2017
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  • Princess Hiyah Akanqi
    November 4, 2017

    Hello, Jackie!! I love this October Roundup because it was awesome! I’d love to see what fashion and nail art ideas you have for Christmas and I hope to see something for New Years Eve.

    • Jackie Giardina
      November 6, 2017

      Thanks so much for the feedback! There will definitely be plenty of both. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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