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Everything You Need to Know About nuuly – the Newest Clothing Rental Service

  • November 26, 2019
  • By Jackie
Everything You Need to Know About nuuly – the Newest Clothing Rental Service

How to Rent Free People and Anthropologie Clothing

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I signed up for a new clothing rental subscription service, nuuly, about 2 months ago and I’m FINALLY ready to share my thoughts and if I think it’s worth it!

First off, let me preface this by saying that this is 100% NOT SPONSORED. I did reach out to nuuly to see if they’d be interested in working with me, but they weren’t. So I signed up on a whim and I’m ready to tell you everything you need to know about it.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, nuuly is a clothing rental subscription service owned by URBN, the company that owns Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters and more. For $88 (+ tax) a month you get to rent ANY 6 items from their site. You keep them all month long then you send then back at the end and do it all over again! And if you fall in love with any of the items you rented you can purchase them at a discount!

Bohemian Outfit | Fall Boho Outfit Inspiration
Cozy Free People Oversized Sweater | Boho Maxi Skirt

Pros and cons of nuuly:


-You’re not responsible for laundry or dry cleaning the clothes
-You’re also not responsible for any repairs
-You can buy pieces at a discount that you love
-Pause or cancel at any time
-You can fill your nuuly “closet” with your favorite items on their site, so when it’s time to pick new pieces all your favorites are in one place.
-Free 2 day shipping and returns


-Honestly I can only think of one…that you can’t switch out items mid month. Since nuuly is still a new company I’m sure they’ll offer more subscription options in the future (or at least I hope they do), but right now they only offer this one where you rent 6 items a month and can’t change them out mid-month.


-nuuly has now added a BONUS ITEMS option to their site! You can now add a 7th & 8th item to your nuuly every month for $18 each.

-nuuly now allows you to UNLOCK EARLY! So if you want to keep your nuuly for just a week or two, then send it back and get a new one, NOW YOU CAN! You can return your unpurchased items anytime you want, and once the distribution center has received and processed them, you’ll receive a notification and you’ll see an UNLOCK MY NUULY NOW button appear on all product pages. If you choose to unlock early you confirm early payment and you’re good to go. So it’s $88 + tax for every nuuly shipment if you choose to take advantage of the unlock early feature.

Why You Should Sign Up for a Free People Clothing Rental Service
Kensico Dam Westchester Valhalla New York Fall Photo Shoot Inspiration

Also while researching a little more to write this post I discovered that their company mission (URBN) is to “encourage customers to express themselves through their wardrobes and the spaces they keep”. And that is EXACTLY what I try to inspire my followers and readers to do, so this was pretty much a match made in Internet heaven.

This sweater and skirt are from my first nuuly box last month and I couldn’t have been more in love with them! I wore them together and also separate with pieces from my own closet!

Everything You Need to Know About nuuly - the Newest Clothing Rental Service - Fall Boho Outfit Inspiration Free People

Ready to sign up? Get $10 off your first month by clicking on this link!

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Everything You Need to Know About nuuly - the Newest Clothing Rental Service
How to rent clothes from Anthropologie and Free People - nuuly


Location: Kensico Dam – Valhalla, NY | Photos: Tracy Davis
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By Jackie, November 26, 2019
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