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10 Ways to Pay It Forward Before the New Year

  • November 19, 2019
  • By Jackie
10 Ways to Pay It Forward Before the New Year

Petal It Forward Day | Boho Floral Photoshoot | Flower Bouquets Country Field | Bohemian Flower Crowns

As you know Simone and I teamed up with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for Petal It Forward Day in October, a holiday in the floral industry to promote the giving of flowers and spread positivity. We handed out over 150 bouquets of flowers, 2 bouquets to each person, one for themselves keep and one for them to “petal it forward” to someone else. The goal of the day is to make as many people as happy as possibly and I definitely think we achieved that. I can’t tell you how many people walked away with a huge smile on their face or told us that we made their day, and I’m not going to lie that made me feel pretty great.

Petal It Forward day inspired Simone and I to think of more ways that we can pay it forward and brighten someone’s day. I know during the holiday season everyone can get caught up presents and parties and being busy, but it’s important to me to take the time to do something to help someone and truly give back during the season of giving! It’s in my nature to always want to help people, but these 10 ways to pay it forward are ever new for me!

Petal It Forward Day | Boho Floral Photoshoot | Flower Bouquets Country Field | Bohemian Flower Crowns

10 Ways to Pay it Forward before the New Year:

1. Go through your closet and donate good-quality clothes that you don’t wear anymore. I try to do this 2 or 3 times a year and donate to the Vietnam Veterans of America. The VVA gives aid to all of America’s veterans and also takes small appliances and other household items. You can schedule a pick up on their website!

2. Say “yes” when someone asks you for help! 

Fall Flower Photoshoot Inspiration | Bohemian Brides | Flower Shop Photos

3. Send a friend or family member a card (or flowers or chocolate) in the mail just because! Don’t you get so excited when you get a piece of mail that isn’t a BILL?! Make someone else’s day by something them something! I love using Greetabl, they’re unique gifts that you can personalize and fill with whatever you’d like and send however much you want!

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Many shelters will let you take dogs for a walk or just spend time with the animals in the shelter. You can also see if they take blanket and food donations.

5. Donate blood. Did you know that 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives?

Head over to Simone’s post for 5 more ways to pay it forward!

Bohemian Bridesmaid Inspiration Flower Crowns Floral Dresses Flowy Maxi Dress Boho

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10 Ways to Pay It Forward Before the New Year

Location: Bedford Village, NY | Photos: Pannell Photography
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By Jackie, November 19, 2019
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