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My 2020 New Year’s Resolution is…

  • January 23, 2020
  • By Jackie
My 2020 New Year’s Resolution is…

Edgy Boho Girly Outfit Inspiration Floral Midi Dress Bronze Booties Pearl Hair Clip

My 2020 New Year’s Resolution is…

NOT to be a better me, but to just be me.


To not worry about changing myself because guess what…I’m OK with who I am.

It’s OK that I’m not a morning person, the name of my blog is Living After Midnite after all.

It’s OK that I’m not into running, I’m actually pretty terrible at it and it’s boring as hell to me.

It’s OK that I don’t want to go into the city as much as I used to, I live a little further now and honestly I just hate getting on the train and getting home so late when I do. I used to have fear of missing out and want to go to EVERYTHING, but I just don’t anymore.

It’s OK to embrace my introverted side. While I definitely used to be more of an extrovert, I definitely think I’m more of an ambivert as a 30 something year old now. I was an ENTP in high school, but I’d be curious to take the Myer-Briggs test again now and see if anything has changed.

It’s OK that I want to change my style by the day. I have a job where I can wear pretty much whatever I want and some days I want to dress up and wear red lipstick and heels and the next I want to wear sneakers and leggings with my hair in a pony tail. I have a lot of sides to my personality so why should I only dress to compliment one.

It’s OK to say no to things, I think I’ve had this “resolution” every year since 2016 and every year I still feel guilty about saying no to things, but I’m getting better at it.

It’s OK to want to change and evolve, but it’s also OK to accept who you are. Scroll down as I dive a little deeper into my blog evolution and what to expect in 2020 and beyond here.

Edgy Boho Girly Outfit Inspiration Floral Midi Dress Bronze Booties Pearl Hair Clip
Shein Floral Midi Ruffle Dress How to Wear With Booties

What’s in store for Living After Midnite in 2020…

I’m hesitant to call this section “goals”, so I’m calling it “what’s in store” for 2020 and beyond! I’m working on updating my About Me page and my blog format in general, and honestly I don’t want to think of this as a “change” per se, it’s more of an evolution.

I started this blog TEN years ago, I was 22 and a VERY VERY different person than I am now. I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t know what I wanted to post about so I shared a lot. Over the years I honed in on more style and beauty content, but in all honesty over the past 2 years or so I’ve grown up a lot and my interests have shifted and what I’ve come to realize is that my audience has grown up with me.

I’ve also been studying my analytics, and you guys, the numbers don’t lie – the content that is performing the best is home inspiration, my personal home content, travel guides (including what to wear while I’m traveling), and Halloween & Holiday content.

SO even though I’ve slowly been shifting towards the “lifestyle” niche for a few years now, I think I’ve finally honed in on what my lifestyle looks like and put it into words…

Boho Girly Style Midi Dress | Floral Dress Booties Outfit Inspiration
Fall Fashion Inspiration How to Wear Bright Colors in the Fall
Colorful Bohemian Style Dress Inexpensive Girly Fashion Inspiration

The 2020 & Beyond…

I’ve finally curated this 2020 evolution of myself, my brand and my blog by accepting that I’m just going to be me, which brings us full circle back to my 2020 “resolution” from the beginning of this post. My new “About Me” page is almost done and I’m LOVING what I have so far. My current one just doesn’t explain properly what this blog is all about and I think you’re going to love what the new one explains.

But in 2020 and beyond expect more…

  • Personality and personal content in general
  • Home Decor, especially my own! My biggest regret was not taking you guys along more when I was renovating and initially decorating my apartment. I do have an Instagram highlight documenting my renovation, but as for the blog I really only have the before & after posts but nothing on the progress, or how I made the decisions I did while renovating. So I’m actually going to backtrack and possibly break rooms down and share my process of how I ended up picking what I did for each space. I’ve had SO many of you guys reach out about advice about buying and renovating and I want to be a resource for you!
  • MORE TRAVEL GUIDES! I never thought I’d be a travel blogger, but it’s something I’ve stumbled into and it’s actually been the one of the top 3 most successful topics I’ve blogged about in the past 2 years! Ever since promising myself that I’m going to visit one new place a year, I’ve really taken pride in curating and producing quality and useful travel content. So while I’ll never be able to share everything a travel blogger would, the feedback I’ve gotten is that you guys appreciate that I’m just a regular girl traveling and want to know where I’m going and why, what I’m packing and wearing and what I’m doing and eating!
  • Westchester and local based collaborations, especially with other bloggers/content creators and women owned businesses
  • Wearable, yet eclectic (because that’s what makes me, ME!) fashion with a purpose. You guys want to see what I’m wearing and when I’m wearing it, so expect guides like that coming!
  • Easy beauty tutorials – makeup, hair, skincare! I’m not an expert, but what I’m learning is that you guys just want to know what I’m using and how I’m using it!
  • VIDEO CONTENT! I’m still on the fence about starting a YouTube channel, but I’m definitely going to create more video on Instagram and IGTV!
  • Inspiration in general! I LOVE sharing what inspires me with you guys and I’m mostly doing it on Pinterest, so if you’re not following me there, make SURE that you do! It’s by far my favorite social media platform!

Expect more tales this 30 something New Yorker has to tell, because I’ve got lots of stories and lots of inspiration!

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By Jackie, January 23, 2020
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