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My Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Past Year

  • March 28, 2020
  • By Jackie
My Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Past Year

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I’ve been trying to put this post together my favorite Amazon purchases post for what feels like a year, but I’m so glad I was finally able to sit down, narrow down my top 10 picks and put together this post for you!

ten favorite amazon purchases:

1. Ice Roller $14.99

If you don’t have an ice roller yet, shame on you! I included it in my Five of my Favorite Beauty Tools You Should Try this Year last January and I haven’t stopped loving it since then! It’s great for face puffiness, headaches, pain relief, shrinking pores and so much more!

2. Resin Apple Watch Band $22.99

Not going to lie, I ordered this watch band before I even ordered my Apple Watch! It’s so chic and looks way more expensive than it is. It came with the tools to remove links so you can fit it perfect to your wrist and it’s been super comfortable to wear! I never thought I’d be girl that could wear a tech watch, but this band definitely made me want to wear it all the time.

3. Large Summer Straw Beach Tote $25.99

I used this tote every single day last summer! I never know what to expect when ordering fashion items from Amazon, but was pleasantly surprised with this one! It’s the perfect size, super chic and has a zipper! I don’t foresee straw bags going out of style this year so pin this one for later if you’re looking for the perfect tote!

4. Wide Angle Phone Lens Kit $21.99

I originally got this wide angle lens attachment to take better selfie mode videos and photos while traveling, but I after trying it and loving it I pretty much use it every time I record something. Is it perfect? No definitely not, but I love how much more I can capture using it!

5. Kindle Paperwork E-reader $129.99

I finally broke down and got a new Kindle this year. I had the OG Kindle from 11 years ago, but it stopped connecting to the internet properly and it was time to move on to newer things. I will say though it lasted a LONG freaking time. Most people who read a lot are against e-readers, but I read too much and too fast to buy actual books, plus I just think it’s more comfortable to hold a light weight Kindle and as long as you get the paperwhite Kindle (like I always have) the “screen” literally looks like a paperback book. There’s no harsh light or screen glare to worry about.

Also if you have an order Kindle model that you don’t want anymore (or doesn’t work like mine) you can actually send it back to Amazon for a credit towards a new one AND a discount on it! Definitely worth it in my opinion!

6. Electronics Organizer $27.99

I travel A LOT, but I never had an effective way to pack all of my cords, chargers, cameras, lenses, kindle, iPad, etc. until now! This electronics/cord organizer is so useful and literally fits EVERYTHING aside from my actual laptop. Plus it keeps my cords from getting tangled and it’s really compact and safe, WAY smaller than the case I used to use to pack my camera (and that one didn’t fit nearly as many things in it).

7. Manfrotto Action Tripod $67.97

A tripod might be a weird item to put on this list, but I get asked all the time about camera equipment and this is by far the best tripod I’ve ever owned. You don’t have to be a photographer or blogger to have a use for a tripod. This one in particular is available with a phone attachment which is great addition. It also folds down really small which makes it easy to travel with! Any photos of both Megan and I from our Florida Keys trip were taken using this!

8. Heart Shaped Sunglasses $9.99

Now I know these are a knock off for the Saint Laurent and I definitely don’t condone buying knock offs, but I just can’t justify spending a lot of sunglasses and Saint Laurent definitely wasn’t the first designer to ever make heart sunglasses so I didn’t feel too bad. I’ve bought a few different pairs of heart sunglasses on Amazon over the years, but these are the most flattering by far.

9. Braided Head Bands $9.94 for 4

Every single time I wear these headbands I get a TON of questions about them so I knew I had to include them in my favorite Amazon purchases post. And I have a hard time finding headbands that fit my head and are comfortable for a long period of time and these are it!

10. Travel Jewelry Organizer $34.99

For years I’ve been traveling with my jewelry in multiple baggies and no matter how organized I try to be while traveling I always forget what I pack. I’ve tried to buy a mini travel box for a few years, but they’ve always been $100+ and I just didn’t want to spend that much. I also wanted to make sure there was a clip part for rings so when I found this one for $35 I immediately purchased it and am so glad I did.

Pin my favorite amazon purchases of the past year for later:

My Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Past Year | Best on Amazon | Amazon Top Picks | What to Buy on Amazon
Ice Roller Review | My Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Past Year | Best on Amazon | Amazon Top Picks | What to Buy on Amazon


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By Jackie, March 28, 2020
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