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Holiday Splendor

  • November 21, 2012
  • By Jackie
Holiday Splendor
Livingaftermidnite: Holiday Splendor
I feel pretty confident calling this Color Club Polish, the ULTIMATE Holiday Nail Polish. I couldn’t name one thing that would make this polish any better! Want to hear the best news?? This is just TWO coats! Ugh perfection in a bottle! If you weren’t in the holiday spirit already, this mani will surely do the trick!

I hope you’re not sick of glitter manicures between this & last week’s nail post because hate to break the news but I’ll be sporting some sort of sparkly nails well into 2013 (so weird to even say that)!

Livingaftermidnite: Holiday Splendor
The only way I could capture the holo glitter was with my nails unfocused! But even this doesn’t do it justice, my camera just couldn’t handle the amazingness that is this nail polish!

Color Club “Holiday Splendor”
((I couldn’t find it online, but I was in the mall last weekend and the beauty supply store there had it!))
Check out one of manicures from last year using this polish HERE!

Livingaftermidnite: Holiday Splendor
Livingaftermidnite: Holiday Splendor
Livingaftermidnite: Holiday Splendor

By Jackie, November 21, 2012
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