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I'm Jackie. A 30-something New Yorker staying up AFTER MIDNITE in her eclectic 1 bedroom apartment in Westchester. Life, Style & Beauty Blogger. And overall lover of all things BOLD.

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November 2019 Round Up

Holiday Makeup Monday Tutorial: Subtle Bronze Sparkle Eyes

Closing out this year’s Holiday Makeup Monday series with a little bit subtle bronze sparkle. It’s no secret I had a little bit of trouble finding my groove this year, but soft, yet impactful look felt very “me” and the…

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Holiday Makeup Monday Tutorial: Smokey Cat Eye

I’m not gunna lie, I’m not really happy with how this smokey cat eye look came out. It’s not my worst, but it’s definitely not my best, and I ended up washing it off after snapping these photos and filming…

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Holiday Makeup Monday Tutorial: Emerald Green Eye Makeup

You guys asked for a Festive Emerald Green Eye Makeup tutorial so you got a Festive Emerald Green Eye Makeup Tutorial! I’ve actually done a few green makeup tutorials in the past (this one being my past favorite), but I…

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Holiday Makeup Monday Tutorial: Glimmer Eyes & Red Lips

Not gunna lie, I hate the way these photos turned out…but LOVE the way the makeup turned out. This glimmery shimmery eyeshadow is SO GOOD. The bronze champagne color is so perfect and not harsh at all. I actually think…

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