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Room for Style: Decorating with Triad Color Schemes

  • April 4, 2013
  • By Jackie
Room for Style: Decorating with Triad Color Schemes
Decorating with Triad Color Schemes
Decorating your home and creating an energetic trio of colors using the color wheel helps you easily navigate the sometimes complicated triadic color scheme. Don’t know what we’re talking about? A triadic color scheme is one is which three colors are equally spaced from each other on the color wheel. 
Triad Color Scheme | Decorating | #LivingAfterMidnite
Room for Style: Decorating with a Triad Color Scheme
Lets start out decorating with green, then layering in orange and purple. When all three colors have the same intensity it creates a balanced room. You can also get inspired by one element in a room, for example I started with these large scale floral printed curtains, I chose to pair them with this vibrant purple sofa and green side chair to bring out the colors in the curtains. A variety of solid green pillows on the purple sofa help bring the bold color scheme together. You can always take a cue from nature, brown accents can be added throughout the room to break up the intense colors. Cork flooring, rattan blinds and a sical area rug can help give a room good grounding.
Triad Color Scheme | Decorating | #LivingAfterMidnite
Here’s a look at different triadic combinations. Red, yellow and blue, or purple, green and orange create rooms that are vibrant without being overwhelming. Play with intensity and texture and you’ll have a beautiful room full of color and energy.
Triad Color Scheme | Decorating | #LivingAfterMidnite
Triad Color Scheme | Decorating | #LivingAfterMidnite
This room was inspired by this antique area rug. The triad combination of red, blue & gold.
Gold Reupholstered Sofas in Stout Fabric / Gold Custom Chairs / Gold Carol Fabrics Custom Drapes & Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades / Red, Blue & Gold Stark Area Rug / Red Reupholstered Kravet Accent Chairs / Yellow Benjamin Moore Wall Color in Golden Straw / Red, Blue & Gold Gump’s Accent Pillows
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By Jackie, April 4, 2013
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