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Valentine’s Day Pink Ombre Manicure

  • February 4, 2016
  • By Jackie
Valentine’s Day Pink Ombre Manicure
Valentine's Day Pink Ombre Manicure
Valentine's Day Pink Ombre Manicure
Valentine's Day Pink Ombre Manicure

I may be flying solo this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get in the spirit with a fun themed manicure! I had a ton of ideas, but my roommate got me a nail polish latex barrier for Christmas that I’ve been dying to use so I went with an ombre gradient manicure in my favorite pink polishes!! Before I get to gushing over this super cool Valentine’s Day Pink Ombre Manicure let me just explain to you how much I LOVE this Simply Peek Latex Barrier. Basically you brush it on your cuticles then paint your nails as you normally would then you peel off the latex and your cuticles (and the skin around your nails) are polish free! As for this nail art, I started with just 2 colors (the hot pink & dark red glitter), but then I just kept sponging on different colors to create a more drastic look and love it! Just another reason for you to try it out, even if you’re bad at giving yourself manicures you literally can’t mess this one up!!

Ruby Wing Polish in Kitten Heels | Orly Polish in Bubbly Bombshell | Seche Vite Polish in Bodacious | Madam Glam Polish in Another Glass | Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Barrier


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By Jackie, February 4, 2016
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