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The Best Summer Pool Floats Under $100

  • June 2, 2016
  • By Jackie
The Best Summer Pool Floats Under $100

No Summer party is complete without a few awesome (& totally Instagram-able) pool floats. I swear they’ve become as much of a Summer staple as a bikini and a more important accessory than a cover up! For some reason I never got around to buying any pool floats last year, but I knew I was going to do a little bit of shopping early in the season this year and grab a few for this Summer!

I don’t know why I thought they would be more expensive than they are, but I was pleasantly surprised that ALL of the pool floats I found were under $100! Also when I was browsing I found these AMAZING drink holder floats…umm where have these been my whole life?? Now if only I could decide which ones to buy ((because as much as I want them all something tells me my dad’s pool can’t quite handle 17 floats!)) Since I’m always online shopping for the best deals I figured I would do the work for you and find the BEST Summer pool floats under $100! I’ll be updating this post all season so make sure to check back!

The Best Summer Pool Floats Under $100

Shop The Best Summer Pool Floats for Under $100:

Gold Swan Pool Float $70 | Pizza Slice Pool Float $23.10 | Donut Drink Floats $9.99
Smarties Pool Float $11.90 | Whale Pool Float $105 | Pineapple Pool Float $19.60
Lifeguard Drink Floats $9.99 | Ice Pop Pool Float $23.10 | Rubber Duck Pool Float $50
Tropical Fruit Drink Floats $10.99 | Pink Flamingo Pool Float $70 | Banana Pool Float $14.44
Watermelon Pool Float $60 | Swan Pool Float $70 | Pink Donut Pool Float $15.40
Ice Cream Cone Pool Float $35.05 | Palm Tree Drink Floats $9.99


Shop some of the new summer pool floats I found this year:

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By Jackie, June 2, 2016
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