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How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pink

  • February 1, 2017
  • By Jackie
How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pink

My style is pretty “girly” but I’ve never thought I would want to decorate my home with the color pink until now! I don’t know where this resurgence of grown up pink decorating is coming from but, I’m loving it! I’m loving it so much that I knew I needed to dedicate a post just in time for Valentine’s Day on how to subtly decorate with the color pink so I could share all the amazing inspirational home decor photos I found with you.

If you’re decorating for anyone over the age of 10 I definitely think there is such thing as too much pink, but subtly adding it to a room or rooms in your home can add just the touch of color you were looking for.

The best part about the color pink is that there are so many shades. If your style is more minimalist you can decorate with a barely there pale shade of pink or if your style is more glam and eclectic you can work with a brighter hot pink. All I know is that whether you go with a softer blush shade or a shockingly bold fuchsia it won’t be a decision you regret.

Rose Gold Living Room | Romantic Industrialist Decor | Painted Brick Wall | How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pink photo via

If one of your friends told you that they bought a pink couch, your initial thought would probably be that they were crazy, but how amazing does this pale lilac couch look in this neutral room. It pairs perfectly with the subtle floral romantic theme and works great with the painted brick and dark hard wood floors. I also love how they added a rose gold lamp for another touch of pink.

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Modern Retro Dining Room | Pink Dining Room Table | Gold Abstract Chandelier | How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pinkphoto via

Who knew a pink dining room table could be so chic? This retro table looks amazing with all the other 70’s inspired furniture in this dining room. I especially love how they pulled the whole room together with touches of gold and that chandelier is amazing!

Pale Blush Pink Bedroom | How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pinkphoto via

Not sure if you’re ready to make a big change to your home, but still want to add a little bit of pink? The least temporary way to add color is through fabric. I suggest a blanket or pillows in a shade of pink that compliment what you already own. I love how this designer decided to decorate with the color pink by adding this coral pink blanket and pillow shams work perfectly with the neutral bedding this room already has.

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Pale Pink Art Work | Black and White Graphic Wallpaper | Faux Python Bench | How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pinkphoto via

Artwork is another great way to color to you home! The designer of this space definitely isn’t afraid of mixing patterns or color and you shouldn’t be either. I love that this little entryway is bold without being too colorful and how everything works together so well. The graphic wallpaper, pink artwork and statement bench compliment each other perfectly.

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Pale Pink and Gold Girly Office Space | How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pinkphoto via

Live with your significant other and afraid he’ll freak out if you decorate with the color pink in your house? Why not just add it to a space of your own like your home office. Love how this girly small space was created in a larger room. The luxe gold desk, cozy fur rug and lucite chair were just begging for a few pink touches! That great pink print and baby pink curtains really transform this little office nook.

Feminine Minimalism Decor | Pale Pink Shelving | How to Subtly Decorate with the Color Pinkphoto via

Is your decorating style more minimalist? I promise you can still incorporate pink into your decor! Why not paint a few shelves of your built ins or bookcases in a pale pink shade? This splash of color looks great in this gray and white bedroom.

Bold Colorful Pink Decor | Bright Pink Couch | Gray Printed Wallpaperphoto via

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I hope this proved to you that no matter what your style and taste are – modern, cozy, eclectic, minimalist, retro, etc. – you can definitely find a way to decorate with the color pink in your home!

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By Jackie, February 1, 2017
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