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4 Ways to Decorate your Fireplace

  • March 17, 2017
  • By Jackie
4 Ways to Decorate your Fireplace

4 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace

I can’t tell you how many #mantlegoals photos I have saved on Pinterest, and I don’t even have a fireplace yet!! Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s obsessed with decorating a fireplace even though they might not have one in their current living situation. Well if you do have a fireplace today’s post is definitely going to inspired you, and if you don’t you’re still going to get inspired and your Pinterest “Home Decor” board is about to gain a few pins because I’m going to show you 4 ways to decorate your fireplace, including one that you definitely haven’t thought of yet!!

4 Ways to Decorate your Fireplace | Large Blue Watercolor Artwork over Fireplace Mantlephoto via

#1 Hang a piece of artwork above your mantle. This may seem like the most obvious of the 4 ways to decorate your fireplace, but it doesn’t make it any less interesting especially because there are so many ways this can be done! You can hang one large piece of art, you can add a few pieces of artwork and create a gallery “wall” above your mantle or you can even forgo the nails and actually just lean a piece or two of artwork on your mantle to display it. It’s important to play around with the different heights and shapes of the frames you’re working with. You can often create a totally different look on your mantle just by moving things around!

Large quote framed on fireplace mantle with candlesphoto via

Country Farmhouse Living Room. Distressed white wood mantle photo via

White on White Painted Brick Fall Fireplace Mantle Decorphoto via

#2 Add a large mirror above your mantle. Just as with artwork you can either hang your mirror on your fireplace or lean it right on the mantle to display it. I would opt for something antique or with an interesting shape if you can find it. Adding a mirror as a focal point on your fireplace will also bring more light into the space and make your room seem larger.

One Kings Lane Blue and White Painted Vasesshop the vases here

Glam Living Room with ornate gold mirror, marble fireplace and zebra rugphoto via

Farmhouse chic living room fireplace decor | Wooden mirror on mantlephoto via

Farmhouse shabby chic living room with distressed brick, distressed wood mantle, antique white ornate mirrorphoto via

#3 Decorate your mantle with greenery! Adding a potted plant, vase of flowers, garland, pretty much any greenery to your mantle will instantly add life to your room and a pop of color. The best part about greenery and other smaller scale decorations like candles, vases, statues, books and little trinkets is that they can be layered along with artwork or a mirror to create the ultimate perfectly styled mantle!

Potted plants in fireplacephoto via

Minimal Living Room Decor Inspiration | Circular mirror on mantle with greeneryphoto via

Potted plants and books as mantle decorationsphoto via

Yellow and Gray Living Room Color Schemephoto via

winter-mantel-greenery-and-taper-candlesphoto via

#4 The reason why I couldn’t title this post 4 ways to decorate your mantle is because of this last styling idea…Add wallpaper or accent paint to your entire fireplace. You’ve heard of an accent wall right, well what about an accent fireplace! If you have a fireplace in your home chances are it’s the focal point of whatever room it’s in, so why not enhance it even more! This is definitely the most daring out of all the ways to decorate your fireplace, but I can guarantee it will be great!

Wallpaper Fireplace with Large Mirror Over Mantlephoto via

Blue snake skin textured wallpaper on fireplacephoto via

Now it’s time to get creative! Mix and match these different ways to decorate your fireplace to create the perfect mantle for your home. Add bold paint, layered artwork, add candles, whatever your heart desires and make sure to change it up every few months. Your fireplace is a great place to decorate for the season so don’t be afraid to use your mantle to display your favorite decorations!

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By Jackie, March 17, 2017
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