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obsessed. VMAs

  • September 13, 2010
  • By Jackie
obsessed. VMAs
While I didn’t think the VMAs were as good as last year, I’m loving what everyone was wearing. I don’t think Kanye West should’ve ended the show after last year, the only way he would’ve redeemed himself is if he let Taylor Swift steal the stage during his performance.

Here are some of my favorite outfits of the night:

Ashley Greene always looks amazing. I’m loving the black & white theme that most people followed.

Selena Gomez is probably the only person that could pull off this long silver dress. Loving the hemline.

Emma Stone is taking the leather trend to a new level with an entire dress.

Katy Perry can do no wrong. While I don’t think I could pull off this dress in every day life she has the PERFECT VMA dress.

Katy Perry is making me miss my multi colored hair. Part of me wants to whip out my purple hair dye and copy her look.

Obsessed with Lady Gaga‘s blue dipped hair. Again wishing I could dye my hair a bright color.

Now I don’t exactly wish to copy Hayley Williams hair color (not that I don’t love it) but I’m loving this updo. I could definitely see doing that with my hair, its like an updated cornrow.

I haven’t seen Rihanna with long hair in so long I was kinda taken back by it, but I’m loving the side bang and the sparkly headband.

I am SO happy that Taylor Swift chose to do something different with her hair. The thing I hate most about celebrity appearances is when they look EXACTLY THE SAME every time. It looks like that got ready and took pictures with multiple outfits on. Taylor Swift has really been stepping it up lately with her makeup and hair. So I’m loving the chance she took with her look for the show.
Who was your best dressed of the night??

By Jackie, September 13, 2010
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  • Andee Layne
    September 14, 2010

    Ive been saying the same thing about Taylor Swift… Its about time she tried something different with her hair! Loved her hair and makeup at the mtv awards!

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