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What to Wear in New York in February

  • February 22, 2017
  • By Jackie
What to Wear in New York in February

What to wear in New York in February
Winter outfit with red plaid blanket scarf, black duffle coat and white cable knit sweater
Casual winter outfit in snow. White cable knit sweater, red plaid blanket scarf, OTK brown suede boots.
Casual Winter Outfit in Snow. What to Wear in New York in February
Karen Walker Starburst Cat Eye Sunglasses. Red Plaid Blanket Scarf
Casual Winter Women's Outfit | Red Plaid Scarf, J Brand Maria High Rise Jeans, Vince Camuto Suede OTK Boots.

Let’s talk about in between weather…that awkward time between Winter and Spring in New York when it’s starting to warm up, but there’s still snow everywhere. Usually this doesn’t happen until late March, but 2017 has a mind of it’s own and we’ve already seen quite a few warms days with even more on the forecast (it could hit 70 on Thursday!). But just because it’s warming up doesn’t mean the snow is completely melted…case in point these photos where I could comfortably take off my jacket, but there’s a crap load of snow on the ground.

What to wear in New York in February? Jeans and boots are usually my go-to outfit this time of year because they’re practical and comfortable. It’s safe to say this cable knit sweater, high rise jeans and otk boots have been on heavy rotation this entire winter and as much as I’d like to bring out all my Spring favorites, I don’t think I’ll be packing away any of these items just yet! Plus I’m still working on getting rid of the extra pounds I picked up over the holidays so oversized items are my bffs until further notice! Especially these high rise J Brand jeans, they are super slimming and so perfect!

Layering is also essential in figuring out what to wear in New York in February because it can be freezing cold in the morning, but by noon it could be nice and warm. It’s best to prepare for all temperatures every time you leave the house and always grab a pair of sunglasses. The last thing you want is to be stuck without sunnies when the sun is bouncing light off the snow right into your eyes!

Karen Walker Starburst Sunglasses | similar Red Plaid Scarf | Nina Bitsie Earrings (under $10!) | Gap Cable Knit Sweater (ONSALE!)| similar Black Toggle Coat | GiGi New York Madison Crossbody Bag | J Brand High Rise Maria Jeans | similar Brown Suede OTK Boots

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By Jackie, February 22, 2017
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