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Why You Need a Bell Sleeve Top in 2017

  • March 7, 2017
  • By Jackie
Why You Need a Bell Sleeve Top in 2017

Asos Bell Sleeve Top | High Rise Jeans | Black OTK Boots | Winter 2017 Trend

To say that the bell sleeve top is the trendiest item of 2017 is an understatement and if you haven’t picked up one for yourself yet you’re missing out! While I don’t get behind every fashion trend, the bell sleeve trend is DEFINITELY one I can get behind! From subtle bell sleeves to extreme bells like this I can guarantee that everyone can find the perfect top for themselves! I have quite a few bell sleeve tops and dresses hanging in my closet and since they are all hands down my current favorites! I’ve linked to some of my favorites hanging in my own closet and a few others I’m eyeing right here and make sure to scroll down to read the whole hilarious story behind these photos!

Extreme Bell Sleeve Trapeze Top
Asos Bell Sleeve Top | High Rise Jeans | Black OTK Boots | Winter 2017 Trend
Blonde Ombre Hair | Gold Baublebar Statement Necklace
Asos Bell Sleeve Top | High Rise Jeans | Black OTK Boots | Winter 2017 Trend
Gold Statement Necklace | Red Handbag | Blonde Ombre Hair
Asos Bell Sleeve Top | High Rise Jeans | Black OTK Boots | Winter 2017 Trend

The story behind why these photos were taken in two different locations is beyond hilarious. Let’s rewind to a few weekends ago when the weather was beautiful and warm and Lauren and I were finally going to meet up and take a bunch of outfit photos. Whenever I take photos I’m usually scrambling to put outfits together 5 minutes before I leave, but this time I was prepared. I had everything packed up and ready to go the night before, and I was ready EARLY!

I drove to meet Lauren where we were going to shoot and decided to scope out the area to see where the least about people were and where had the best lighting…BAD IDEA. As I was driving down the road I got a flat tire…no scratch that I got a blow out and barely was able to pull off the road before I was driving on my rim. Of course I had to get a flat on a restricted road which means my insurance company couldn’t send road side assistance. So Lauren came to hang out with me while I was waiting for a tow truck and we ended up shooting half of these (the ones in front of the white and blue house) literally on the side of the road.

Obviously we didn’t finish taking photos by the time the tow truck showed up, so after I spent the rest of the afternoon attempting to get a new tire and not shooting the three outfits I had planned my roommate finished taking the photos of this outfit next to our apartment. And then to top it all off I got violently sick on Sunday and spent the entire day in bed. To say I had a bad weekend was an understatement, but that’s behind me and at least I got one outfit out of the weekend from hell.

But I’m going to Austin, TX with e.l.f. Cosmetics this weekend so that makes up for this disaster one!

similar BaubleBar Gold Necklace | ASOS Bell Sleeve Top | Gap High Rise Jeans | Galian Handbag c/o | similar Vintage Scarf | similar Black OTK Boots | (Get a better look at my nails here!)

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By Jackie, March 7, 2017
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